This program is for anyone who would like to improve their overall strength & conditioning, with the primary focus being on physical development and general performance.

HIIT Weights

An effective means of cross-training with weighted/resistance based movements mixed with cardio movements to optimise performance. Through the proper selection and manipulation of intensity (load, intensity, volume, and frequency of training) an extremely high level of total fitness can be achieved.


The strength classes will run through a number of focuses:

  • Strength (building a strong base/foundation)
  • Power (developing from your strength base)
  • Strength Endurance (increasing your overall capacity)

This means squatting in all forms, pressing, deadlifting, and all accessory movements that come along with a solid program.

Cardio Intervals

Cardio Interval sessions are comprised of interval work on the ski/rower/bike/running. This works in conjunction with the strength classes to increase power, speed and VO2 Max.

This means improving your overall work capacity, enabling you to work harder and stronger, whilst improving your ability to recover from extended work and remain focused on the task at hand.

Team Achieve

The goal of this class is to showcase your mental and physical capability, why we are and who we are. This is your chance to explore the grit and determination forged in the training throughout the week.

This is our Game Day Session! This is what we work hard for! Group Up, and Slam it down together! Hard Work and Sweat!