What does it mean to dive deep into something, to commit to the mastery of it?



We all hear it often these days, “just give it a go” or “trying is good enough” “see how you go and if its not your thing, then just let it go”.
How do you know if you can achieve something if you don’t give it time and real effort? Not just for 2 weeks, 2 months or 6 months…dive deep into it. Give it real commitment. Allow yourself to fail at the task or the goal, reassess and find another way, understand what its like to live and breath it, back yourself into a corner, have no other way but forward as a way to break through, assign real value to what you want.

Have you ever done this?

It is said that mastery of a task/career takes 10,000 hours of practice. Let that sink in for a second…10,000 hours. Chasing excellence.
What does real work look like?

Take a look at training; can you say that you do all that you can to get stronger, faster, more conditioned and acquire better skills? When you warm up do you do it to the best of your ability? Do you listen? Do you try and feel and understand the “why” and the “reason” for warming up? When you train, do you go all in when its time, or do you coast on days you don’t like or when you’re “not feeling it”?

Do you eat well, sleep well?…… or do you spend hours upon hours making sure you know what is going on with the latest via social media? Are you that person who gets bad sleep because they need to know what is going on in everyone else’s lives? Do you read, do you try to get better? Do you seek out knowledge from those who are doing what you want to do? Or do you ask questions only to let the answers fall on deaf ears because you’re too lazy to even try and put into practice the advice you get?

There is a disease that is plaguing our society…it’s the pushing of the quick fix, instant gratification pill. It’s easy to swallow, just throw your head in the sand, do what all your friends do, be a sheep and follow, be a victim.

Or ……you can dive deep and fully commit to the task. Embrace the pain and suffering, miss out on things that others deem of value; the hangovers, the sugar laden food, all the added extras you can snort, inject and put in your body to ensure you never feel the real world. It’s a matter of choice. Dive deep or live on the surface with all the others who want more by doing less. I dare you. Dive deep. Tell me that giving your all, will not get you something that is far more valuable. Something you cannot put a price tag on.

Just imagine…….. if you read this and go and do something about it. In a years time what will you look and feel like having been prepared to dive deep?